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Clayton Brothers

September 9, 2010

I went to the first artist lecture in the colloquium series of the year.  This week featured the Clayton Brothers from Los Angeles.

Rob and Christian Clayton work collaboratively on large, colorful paintings as well as installations such as the laundromat “House” above.  Being an independently working artist myself, it is very difficult to imagine two artists working together at the same time on the same painting.  However, after hearing their joking banter as well as their allied artistic visions, I’m sold.  This is color on crack.

The paintings look like the brothers stayed up for a week of feverish (yet amazingly executed) painting with fantastical fields of characters and shapes.  Hearing them talk in person was almost the complete opposite: I can’t imagine two more chill and genuinely cool dudes.  Totally not the “asshole LA artist” you’d expect.

If you missed their artist talk, you must come see their solo show at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art from September 12 till January 2nd.  It’s FREE, and quite amazing that such successful and wonderful artists are right here in Madison.

Clayton Brothers.

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