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The Birth of a New Painting

October 18, 2010

I finished a new painting a couple of days ago and decided to document a few of the steps I took in creating it.  I usually make all my own stretchers and canvases myself, so I recorded a time-lapse short video of the construction:

After that..the actual painting begins.

I’m very interested in street art and graffiti images, and I’ve always liked to mess around with spray paint.  For this painting, I wanted to pile on spray paint using stencils and freehand in the background and integrate some very painterly oils on top.

Note to self: steal plastic gloves from work

I had a lot of fun spraying the crap out of the canvas.  I was able to buy some nice artist grade cans to add to my collection from a moving sale at the Artist and Craftsman in Madison.  Love that place.

I also have really liked making stencils in the past, so the new thing for me was the free hand tagging on the canvas.  Definitely want to get more into that.


Progress pic #1

Next step was laying out the figure on top.  I wanted to paint the Winged Victory of Samothrace from a picture I took of it at the Louvre in Paris.  Then I decided what to paint solid and what to allow to show through.


Progress pic #2

Did some last drippy stuff, put in some dark tones, and I’m allllll doneeeee.

Final product. I call it "The Grand Inquisitor"



Definitely going to do some more paintings like this, however I’m planning to go bigger with canvas size.  Also, just found out there is a spray booth I can use in the Humanities building, so I don’t have to go outside and get yelled at by Physical Plant worker dudes and have people stare at me in my big ass respirator mask. Bonus!  Also that means I will probably record another short video demo of the spray-work.

By the way, I have 3 small paintings hanging upstairs in the Starbucks on State Street in Madison.  Go check em out!

Thanks for looking, and check back for more stuff!

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