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Pam Longobardi: Artist and Environmentalist

October 26, 2010

The visiting artist talk I attended last week was that of Pam Longobardi.  I hadn’t seen any of her work previously, but after the presentation I was really inspired by both her studio work and her efforts to help heal the environment.  Artist-Pam is a painter, photographer, and installation artist. Activist-Pam heads beach cleanup crews and invents ways to bring environmental issues to attention.  Pam as a whole uses these two interests to create bodies of work involving nature, environmental awareness, and beauty.

She is interested in the psychological relationship between humans and their environment, and it shows.  Most of her paintings involve a soft sort of beauty that upon closer inspection is cluttered with intricate elements of nature.  She speaks about her work as being a collaboration with nature itself.

The lecture took an unexpected turn when she started showing images of how plastic garbage has destroyed nature.


A bird skeleton showing eaten plastic


Besides her studio paintings, she photographs the impact of modern consumption on the environment.  Mainly, she discussed the effect of discarded plastics in the Oceans, where it follows current patterns and collects in huge masses often washing onto beaches.  She goes on clean up expeditions of beaches, taking photos of the undisturbed trash before collecting some of it.  She takes a portion of the collected trash back with her to create installations.


Photo of found trash



All of her installation work uses found objects of trash that has washed up on shore from the oceans.  Much of it also uses imagery of a mirror to show how this great presence of trash in otherwise beautiful natural areas reflects upon our consumption society.


Sunken boat installation from trash: Venice



I thought Pam’s work was not only very beautiful, but successfully environmentally focused.  If you are interested, some of her websites about her art and activism are:

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