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Coming summer 2011: Waffle Iron Press

April 13, 2011

Hello my lovelies,

I’m excited to announce my art-related plans for this summer!  I’m planning on starting my own little basement business screen-printing t-shirts and other apparel.  This little outfit will be my offshoot project from the Waffle Collective and I’m calling it Waffle Iron Press.  Over the summer, I’m going to build a printing press such as this one to pull my shirt designs by hand:

Lately, I’ve been using screen printing a lot in my paintings and I want to use these skills to make wearable art.  I’m going to design and print all the graphics for shirts, stickers, art prints, and other items (bags, aprons) that I’ll sew myself (hey, if you want a screen printed kilt, I know how to make those too).

SO, I’m gonna build the printing press, create some designs for the first line, maybe build an exposure table:

No, not that.

Then, pull tons of prints!!!!
I’m planning on making an inaugural line of designs, but if you’re involved with a band, etcetera and want hand printed shirts/concert posters done, get at me and we’ll work something out!.  Also, if you have a particular design you want to see on a shirt, that can also be arranged!  I’m looking to have some help funding the project, so keep an eye out for updates.  I may create a page, in which case it’s up to you, my lovely fans and readers, to help me make the project happen!
So, that’s the plan, Stan.  Save the date, Summer 2011, for some sweet apparel coming your way from me, Emily.
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  1. Brenda permalink
    April 14, 2011 6:55 am

    Wonderful plan Emily! Good Luck on your new business venture!

  2. Harry permalink
    June 28, 2011 10:22 pm

    hey,, where did u get the screen press from

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