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First t-shirt print run: Mifflin Cats

May 6, 2011

Design Mock-Up

Welp, the inaugural set of shirts hand-printed by Yours Truly were a smash hit at Madison’s Mifflin Street Block Party, the biggest festivus of day-drinking this side of the cheese border (and that’s saying something).  As you can see, the design pictures the famed Can Has Cheezburger and Ceiling cats.  I was talking about the cat theme with a fellow student and subsequently felt like a pretty big dumbass once I found myself trying to explain lolcats (harder than it seems).  So unless you’re new to the internet, you best respeck da ceiling cat…..or GTFO

Anyways here are some images with most of da Mifflin gang.  I must say it was a pretty impressive round-up considering the copious guzzling of alcohols starting at 8:30 am:

Twas Brillig

All in all, I’d say my first try at t-shirt printing went swimmingly!  Stay tuned and clear out your wardrobe this summer for more sweet Emily-made apparel.

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