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First Print Run! Phonograph Art Prints

June 5, 2011

Hey all!!  Very excited about my first mini-print run here at my newly crafted home studio.  The print press worked like a charm!  Luckily, the photo-emulsion that I mixed worked with the exposure system I set up the very first try!  Amazing….I swear that shit’s like magic.  Here is a trial print of the WIP Logo!

For my first real print run, I used my photo-emulsion to put my drawing the Speed of Sound into one of my new screens, then printed a few on 2 different kinds of paper.  One is a white watercolor paper, the other is a really nice hand-made brown paper.  They are 12″x18.”  I am probably going to use this same image for my first t-shirt design.  Colors: red, yellow, blue, black.

You can buy one of these limited-edition art prints for your very own at my shop!  So, which one do you like better? Brown or white background?  I was planning on printing on creme-colored shirts.  Yay or nay?  Very excited about the successes I’ve had.  Gotta go clean the ink of myself, more to come soon!!

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  1. December 6, 2011 11:36 am

    thats pretty sweet, on the white looks awesome

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