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Putting that new press to work!! New screenprinted items and more!

August 10, 2011

Wow, it’s been too long since my last post!  I guess I’ve been super busy at this tail-end of the summer.  If you didn’t already know, I’ve been working with Brittany at Zealous Good as the primary Social Media Intern and Online Writer.  Zealous Good is like a dating site for donations; you tell us what you want to donate and we match it to a nonprofit who really needs it!  You should go check out the website, and the blog that I’ve been writing for!  They really do great things, and I’m honored to have been involved this summer.

I swear I’m being productive and not completely wasting away drinking red wine and watching Arrested Development on Netflix 24/7 (though I have been doing a fair share of that).  I’ve put my hand-built printing press to good use!  I printed a couple of custom orders, totaling just about a hundred handprinted t-shirts total.

Family reunion shirts

Now that that’s done, I’m moving on to my own designs!  Just yesterday, I completed the final apparel designs for one of my drawings, the Speed of Sound.  I printed them on a couple tote bags that you should check out in my shop!  T-shirts of this coming very, very soon.  I also have put these busy hands to work making jewelry, which you can also find on my shop.  See?  I’ve not been a complete potato!

I’ll write a longer post later about my travels to Australia and New Zealand this summer among other sweet thangs.  As for now, gotta get back to my infinite project list!  Deuces!

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  1. August 15, 2011 10:44 pm

    That’s hot 🙂 I’m even more inspired lol

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